Welcome to the London Area Mediators Association. As an alliance of mediators, we are pleased to provide a roster of area professionals for your consideration in meeting your dispute resolution needs.


Kathryn Munn Kathryn Munn

LL.B., Cert. ConRes., C. Med., C. Arb., IMI Certified Mediator

Business, Community, Contract, Debt, Eldercare, Employment, Estates, Health Care, Human Resources, Labour Relations, Lawsuits, Training, Workplace

Earl Morwood Earl Morwood


Rural & Farm, Utility And Transportation Corridor Easements, Property Assessments


W. Scott Gray W. Scott Gray

B.A. (Hons), CHRP, Mediator

Business, Community, Condominium, Contract, Eldercare, Employment, Environmental, Estates, Human Resources, Labour Relations, Landlord - Tenant, Lawsuits, Organizational


Shannon O'Meara Shannon O'Meara

B.A., Q. Med, ATC, Creative Elements

Business, Community, Consumer, Education, Employment, Human Resources, Human Rights, Organizational, Training, Workplace - Including Workplace Violence Prevention.


Ed Sasonow Ed Sasonow

B.A. (Hon.), M.A, Q.Med

Strategic Business Partner, Quality Of Work Life, Ombuds, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Assessment, Civility, Collective Bargaining, Core Safety Audits, Respect & Workplace Engagement, Workplace Disputes Human Rights Investigations, Employee & Labour Relations, Sr. Management Advisor, Occupational H & S


Frances Shamley Frances Shamley

Community, Organizational

Janine Higgins Janine Higgins

B.A. LL.B. C.Med.

Business, Civic, Contract, Debt, Employment, Estates, Family, Health Care, Human Resources, Labour Relations, Lawsuits, Organizational, Public Policy, Training, Workplace


Peter Bergmanis Peter Bergmanis

Union Counsellor

Community, Contract, Eldercare, Employment, Health Care, Human Resources, Human Rights, Labour Relations, Landlord - Tenant, Organizational, Workplace


Douglas McCarthy Douglas McCarthy

Calm Communications

Seminar Leader, Calm Communications – Communicating Effectively In Difficult Situations: Specializing In Conflicts Between And Within Organizations. Assists Boards That Are In Conflict And Struggling With The Deliberative Process. Award Winning Speaker, And Parliamentary Chair.